Writing: speed copying

Find a piece of text you would like to model your own writing on. It could be an article on a topic of interest, an essay you have written and re-edited or it could be a model essay your teacher has given you. If it is your own writing and your own ideas, make sure it is a polished piece of writing that has been edited and redrafted at least three times with the help of a teacher.

Set your timer for 3 minutes. Copy the text as fast as you can. Stop at 3 minutes. Count how many words you have written. Set the timer again and copy the same text for 3 minutes. How many words did you manage this time? Try a third time. 3 minutes. Count the number of words. Did you write more the third time? Are you beginning to remember common phrases?

This kind of practice can speed up your hand-writing as well as help you to learn new phrasing and formal English expressions.

Written by a Bayside IELTS expert, Melbourne


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