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Writing: 2 simple ways to dramatically boost your score

An IELTS examiner marks your essay according to 4 criteria; Task Response (TR), Coherence & Cohesion (CC), Lexical Resource (LR) and Grammatical Range & Accuracy (GRA). If you want to score 7+, you need to score well in all 4 criteria.

The good news is, there are some super simple ways to lift your scores.

  1. Answer the question! Obvious, right? But you wouldn’t believe how often we see candidates who miss half the question, write off-topic or fail to give a clear opinion. If you miss part of the question, you can’t score over band 5 in TR. If you are asked for an opinion and you don’t give it, you won’t score more than band 3 in TR. BAND 3!!
  2. Write in paragraphs. Again, so simple. Make sure you always have an introduction, 2-4 body paragraphs and a conclusion. Visually separate your paragraphs by leaving an empty line so the examiner can clearly see the breaks and ensure each body paragraph has a clear central topic. No paragraphs = band 4/5, illogical paragraphs = band 6.
  • See the Task 2 IELTS marking criteria here.
  • See a band 9 essay here. Note the three body paragraphs to deal with each of the three questions.

Written by a Bayside IELTS expert.




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