IELTS topics

30 common IELTS topics

This is a list of topics that often appear in the IELTS exam. We use this list to plan our classes here at Bayside. Could you answer questions about any of these topics? If you’re not familiar with something, use the internet to find out more about it. There is always something new to learn! Click the links to see sample band 9 essays on related topics.

  1. Animals; extinction, farming, vegetarianism, zoos,
  2. Art; censorship, cultural identity, education, government funding
  3. Buildings/Architecture; preservation vs demolition, function, style
  4. Celebrities
  5. Childhood/growing up; life stages, strict/lenient parenting, family bonds
  6. Communication; language, social media, animal communication, handwriting
  7. Crime; causes/solutions, recidivism, rehabilitation programs, punishments
  8. Culture; traditions, music, food, culture
  9. Education; single sex vs co-ed, subjects, technology in classrooms, role of teachers
  10. Energy; alternative energy, fossil fuels, nuclear power
  11. Environment; pollution, climate change, habitat loss, preservation,
  12. Food and farming; GM food, factory farming, food miles, nutrition,
  13. Gender; women in the army/police, traditional roles, equality
  14. Health; obesity, alternative medicine, fitness, exercise, government healthcare, vaccinations
  15. History
  16. Leisure time
  17. Media; advertising, the news, the internet, films/TV, entertainment, new media
  18. Science
  19. Shopping/Consumerism
  20. Social groups
  21. Space; exploration, tourism, government investment
  22. Sport; extreme sports, risk, international events, sponsorship
  23. Technology; robots, development, scientific discoveries,
  24. The future
  25. The internet/social media; communication, information, advertising,
  26. Tourism; environmental/cultural impact, benefits, ecotourism, voluntourism
  27. Transport; cars, air travel, fuel, traffic
  28. Urbanisation; urban sprawl, migration, population growth, vertical vs horizontal
  29. Weather/Climate
  30. Work; changing jobs, workforce skills, job satisfaction

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